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CREATIVE COACH: Gonzalo Alvarez

Illustrator and Video Game Designer

All immigrant families have stories. Either passed down from generations or based on personal struggles these stories are part of our lives and through art we can share these experiences to the world.

Growing up I was slinging pokeballs and watching cartoons, but never stopped to think why the stories my parents told me were never on screen. Fast forward into my art career years later and La Llorona or my parent’s struggle to immigrate still hasn’t been adapted for people to experience. (What gives!) Through the power of art, people can experience immigration in my game “Borders” or learn about Mexican folktales in my comic” The Legend of Polloman”. Creating art about our culture not only allow us to share stories with the world and be better understood, but contribute to the greater good in keeping them alive just as our ancestors did for many generations.

Current projects:
I’m creating chapter 1 of my Mexican Fantasy Adventure comic “The Legend of Polloman” which you can read this December 2017 on Webtoons, Tapastic, and physical print!


COMING SOON  Click here to see Gonzalo's appearance in StoryBored USA! 

Click here to see Gonzalo's appearance in StoryBored USA!