A New Web-Series for Creative & Diverse Millennials

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"So for me, poetry became a method of me of getting rid of shame. The shame of being an undocumented person, being a queer person, and being a person of color" 


— Yosimar Reyes, spoken word artist, and the creative coach for episodes 1 & 2. 

All too often, artistic young people of color, as well as those on the LGBTQ spectrum, struggle to find an outlet for their bold ideas and vision. We may be a nation of diverse people, teeming with diverse ideas, and yet, our diversity is often excluded from the American Narrative.  This feeling of alienation might cause a brilliant and innovative young person to stop dreaming and stop creating, even though this country needs YOUR voice most of all. 

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Launching in October 2017, Storybored USA features 3D printed figures of filmmaker, writer, and project creator William D. Caballero, as he explores various issues related to the creative process. Each episode focuses on the many challenges and frustrations that pop up often in the life of a young artistic visionary, such as criticism, inner-resistance, or writer's block, in an effort to build creative confidence.  

At the core of the show are interviews with “Creative Coaches”, emerging and established artistic innovators.  These spoken word artists, fashion designers, folk singers, directors, writers, and video game designers, have traveled far in their artistic journeys, providing encouragement and real-world advice based on their own creative experiences. 

In short, StoryBored USA encourages the viewer to add their voices to the American narrative… because if you don't tell your story in your own voice, someone else will.

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Funding made possible by

Latino Public Broadcasting and the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture.